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Symposium 2017: The Student Executive Committee
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Every year a talented group of BYU Law Students devotes countless volunteer hours to the success of the International Law and Religion Symposium. Under the direction of Center Associate Director Elizabeth Clark, Committee Members do everything from coordinating the complicated master schedule of all events, including the schedules of numerous delegates, to coordinating transportation of the delegates to and from the airport and various venues, and many important tasks in between. Preparation starts weeks in advance and, beginning with the arrival of the first delegate a few days before the Symposium and continuing until the last delegate departs, these students are available, working hard, and smiling. Past Symposium delegates have commented on the dedication and commitment of our Executive Committee, and we at the Center are grateful for their exemplary work. 

The Committee for the 24th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium are:

  • Master Schedule. Jessica Farnsworth, Chair, and Shelise Rupp. The team coordinates and oversees the Master Schedule of all Symposium events, including delegate schedules. This involves knowing the comings and goings of all sub-committees and adjusting on the fly. 
  • Recruitment. Jacob Crump and Brenden Stuart, Co-Chairs, with Sara Plater and Rhonda Peck. The team recruits, organizes, and supervises all student volunteers from the law school and BYU student body, as well as coordinating campus-wide events for Symposium delegates.
  • Transportation. Joshua Prince, Chair, with Mark Petersen, Scott Mosley, Stephanie Lofgreen, and George Simons. Their responsibilities include ensuring the safe travel of each delegate to and from the airport and each venue. They coordinate the volunteer drivers but often spend hours driving themselves.
  • Concierge / Hosting. Elizabeth MacLachlan and David Headley, Co-Chairs, with Justin Miller and Malea Moody. This team oversees the concierge desk during Symposium as well as other hosting details for delegates and attendees.
  • Documents. Nate Kinghorn and Kaleb Brimhall, Co-Chairs, with Karen Sullivan, Athelia Graham, and Emily Parkinson. Responsibilities include gathering delegate presentations and coordinating with translators, compiling moderator packets, preparing documents for publication, and various other important details.