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Visitors to the Center in 2013
Image for Visitors to the Center in 2013
Vietamese Delegation and Center Personnel visit BYU International Vice Presidents
Sandra Rogers and Erlend Peterson

The Center was pleased to welcome a number of distinguished visitors in 2013. 

  • Researchers from China: Jinsong Wu, Doctor of Judicial Science (Jan 2013–Jan 2014); Liang Liang, PhD Candidate (Jan–Apr 2013); Zhang Zheng, PhD Candidate (Jan–Apr 2013)
  • Delegation from Vietnam (Jun 2013): from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Vietnam National University (USSH/VNA): Hung/Do Quang; Thanh/Pham Quoc; Nguyen Van Hieu; Lam Minh Chau; Nguyen Van Khanh; from the Ministry of Public Security: Nguyen Hung Manh; from Brigham Young University: Sandra Rogers, International Vice President; Erlend 'Pete' Peterson, Associate International Vice President; representatives from the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.
  • Visit by Mr. Shawn Casey, Head of the State Department Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives (Nov 2013), accompanied by Jeff Ringer, Director, David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies; Michael Purdy, LDS Church Director of Government Relations in Public Affairs; Lance Walker, LDS Church Public Affairs in Washington, DC
  • Visit by Dr. George Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Assemblies of God (Sep 2013)
  • Visit by American Jewish Committee: Rabbi Gary Grenebaum, Rabbi Mark S. Diamond, Doris Haims, Ira Handelman, Daniel Inlender, Joel R. Mogy, Richard Volpert, Barbara Boxer (Aug 2013), accompanied by Matt Ball, LDS Church Public Affairs; Ron Smith, SoCal Public Affairs Council; Dennis  Williams, SoCal Public Affairs Council
  • State Department Visit from Tajikistan (Apr 2013): Mr. Jumakhon ALIMI, Director, Paraldlaks Human Rights Center (NGO); Ms. Gulchekhra KHOLMATOVA, Attorney, Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law (NGO); Mr. Umedzhon NIIAZOV, Attorney, Center for Children's Rights (NGO); Mr. Mukhamad ORTIKOV, Imam, Khatib Hoji Abdul-Ali Ibn Abdul-Manon Mosque, Bobojon Ghafurov District; accompanied by Mr. Yves FRANQUIEN, Russian Interpreter; Mr. Igor LEYBZON, Russian Interpreter; Steven and Marjorie Bennion, LDS Church Hosting
  • State Department Visit from Iraq, Peace and Stability through Conflict Transformation (Apr 2013): Ms. Zaman Moatasem JALAL, Administrative Staff, Office of the Mayor, Kirkuk, Iraq; Mr. Mohamed Tahar KADAOUI ABBASSI, Chief, Service of Social Regional Coordination, Social Action Division, Wilaya of Fez, Morocco; Ms. Sanae MOHIEDDINE, Head, Training and Capacity Building Department, Sale Prefecture, Ministry of Interior, Morocco; Ms. Halima SALAK, Employment Advisor, National Agency of Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC), Casablanca, Morocco; Mr. Ibrahim Muhmad ENBAWI, Coordinator for Peace Activities, West Bank, Palestinian Territories; accompanied by Ms. Asma Abdi, Arabic Language Interpreter, Mr. Motasem Mansi, Arabic Language Interpreter; Ray and Carol Thomas, LDS Church Hosting
  • State Department Visit from Iraq, Public Policy for Religious Leaders (Mar 2013): Mr. Hayder Murtadha Ali AFAND, Editor, Journal of Hussein Revivalism; Mr. Huthifa Munaf Abdulmunem AL-MASHHADANY, Senior Advisor Tawafuq Front; Dr. Hafedh Abdulhaleem Hameed AL-YASIRI, Friday Prayer Leader, Omran Bin Ali Shrine, Islamic Supreme Council for Iraq; Hon. Najeeb Abdullah MUHI, Member of Parliament; Mr. Anas Mohammad Sharif TAHIR, President, Islamic Scholars Union of Duhok

Among the objectives of these visits was to sign a first-ever Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Religious Freedom between Vietnamese academic and government representatives and BYU; to conduct research in law and religion; to speak to BYU faculty and students; to examine best practices in the American judiciary system, and the role of the judicial process in the development of civil society; to explore interfaith dialogue and discuss civic contributions of religious organizations in American society; to interact with American legal counterparts, and members or religious organizations; to learn more about the Center, BYU, and the LDS Church; to explore academic and practical trends in conflict analysis, mediation and transformation; to compare conflict transformation, resolution, and mediation techniques, and their situational benefits and challenges; to nalyze causes of conflicts between nations, communities, organizations, political parties, and individuals; to examine the role of foreign policy, international law, bilateral/multilateral treaties, and interfaith efforts in transforming conflict situations.